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Till That Day

A day at the Board of Education turns into a cultural observatory and an experience.

For generations all come and gone,
For passions all discarded or done,
Till tan off-springs are born,
Brotherhood shall be preached and inhumanity torn.

Till the stars could shine leaving no shadows,
But a glittering picture of one man, one voice,
Till poison-less are the serpents and comforting the fellows,
Till a tan kid is kissed on both cheeks and Mama’s milk rejoice.

Till my friends are color-blind and know no race,
Till my neighbor is no more upheld by the features of his face,
Till I could only see myself in every skin, every society,
And with strange street fellows share my tea.

Till then and more, every sweat of my skin, pint of my blood,
Shall be my blanks shot for humanity’s safety in the consuming flood,
Till then society is my book, my conscience my teacher,
And my fraternity with the low-casted where I feel much richer

Till the bells loudly ring,
And the minarets beautifully sing,
The Praise of the one God of East and West,
I shall slumber not, nor take my rest.


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