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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

For she whose smile glitters in the midday sun! :)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
But you are twice as true.

Tinker Bell was bounteous,
Cinderella was beauteous,
And you are twice as gracious.

The sun is a healing sight,
And the moon a refreshing light,
But your smile shines thrice as bright.

Good captains blink,
When Titanics sink,
But my love for you will never shrink.

As seasons get warmer,
And snows make it colder,
You always will remain my only summer.

When I went into battle,
To fight for my title,
Your love was my biggest mantle. 

While great men gallantly fought,
And honors were sold and bought,
Your heart was all that I sought. 

When victory's song was sung,
And bells were graciously rung,
After men were wrong and stung,
Your smile was all that kept me strong.

Yesterday I had a dream,
And you were a lightning beam,
And I swear you so seem,
Your love overflows like a heavenly stream.

When beauties go a singing,
And bearded chaps a fishing,
All I want is to go with you a loving,
And in your ocean of love a swimming.


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