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Happy New Year 2010

An old year, a new year and the human experience in-between.

To my family for their love and support,
To my friends for their support and rapport,

To my fellow students for challenging me,
To my graceful teachers for educating me.

To the Student Life and  the SGA for the experiences,
To the Leadership Academy for the opportunities.

To all my admirers for their love,
And the less admirable for being a wing-less dove.

To the politicians for their hypocrisy,
And their false doctrines to replace democracy.

To all those who loved for the sake of it,
And those who hated without wit.

To the oppressed of the world with no hope,
And those who extend a heart and a rope.

To the angels who served tirelessly,
And those who upheld the Truth fearlessly.

To pure love and a wonderful life,
Failed successes and life's worthwhile strife.

Roses are red and violets are blue,
And God, you know, there's love between us two.

To all of you alive to breathe tonight's fresh air,
A Prosperous, Blessed and Happy New Year! 



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