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For the Love of Thee

Notes from the heart to that other heart a heartbeat away.

Once upon a heavy heart,
When love beckonests,
Shuns idle rests,
And echoes to be heard.

There lived a bearded chap,
Who dreamed of a maiden in a flowing cap,
Flowing down her bosom like a heavenly tap,
Who transported his mind in an ambiguous wrap.

Like the constellations of heaven was her face,
Which left lightning lamps in her trace.
To  her he did quill without menace,
On a French papyrus to seek her grace:

For the Love of Thee and thine for me,
For the sake of Him who planted thy soul in the heart of me,
Hold my heart in bondage, I prithee,
In bondage to thy love for the sake of we.

I prithee to tell, of generations come and gone,
And even those yet unborn,
Who tickles thy mind and makes thee smile,
Smiles of love stretching for a mile.

I prithee tell who makes thee cry,
Tears of love that never dry,
Like a hearty tide on a summer Nile,
Or trailing the trail of love over many a mile.

Who makes thy heart skip a beat,
Or enter into love’s ecstatic feat,
I prithee, tell thy tale of love,
And for whom was borne the message of thy dove.

To whom belongests the warmth of thy mind,
Reveal who keepeth thy treasure’s find,
I prithee, tell if I am thy loving pirate,
Who claims thy heart without being irate. 

I beseech thee not to shed a tear on my shroud,
Or of my remembrance to make in thy eyes a cloud,
Or to mourn my passing after the passing of days,
Or retrace my hearty strides when I lose my ways.

But I prithee for a worthy second of thine,
To tell who claims thy pearly mine,
Who makes thee frown and smile and fine,
And upon thy aromatic produce will one day wine and dine.

I prithee, from the gallows, free my bleeding heart,
And let what thy felt for me be loud and heard,
By every clown, scribe, priest or nerd.

Let it be witnessed by the birds of the air,
Where keepeth thee my heart, loud and clear,
Thy love for me or stolen stare,
By all, high and low, near and dear.

For the Love of thee and thine for me,
I prithee.

For the love of we and the heavenly scores,
Tis the Custodian of thy heart and sincerely yours.


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