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Dead Man's Counsel

As he lay on his deathbed, he offered the Last Counsel.

On his deathbed the elderly one did lay,
Awaiting the gatekeeper to open the exit of his long stay,
Up he looked but saw no day,
And summoned the chick that he did lay. 

“Son, dear son, hearken to my words,
Thy most invaluable inheritance of it all,”
“All ears I am, dear father,” the lad mutters,
“Where hidest thou the treasure eluding the hunters?” 

“In a treasure chest they lay hid,
Royally secured with a fleshy and bony lid,
In it lay the lost secrets of old,
And abundantly buried the purest of gold” 

In the ageless scrolls are written,
Do not but once be bitten,
Once is a lesson and twice a curse,
Crush the serpent’s head before it takes its course. 

Speak to thy beloved and listen to thy foes,
A foolish friend’s counsel beware,
In the rival’s words lay the essence of wisdom,
The facts of life and the keys to thy kingdom.

Thou art thy dearest friend,
Thou art thy most envious enemy,
In thy head lies the treasure of life,
And in thy bosom its poison and strife.”

And thus saying he breathed his last,
Leaving behind the treasures of future and past,
“Hearken to my words dear foolish one,
In them lay the treasures of every man.”


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