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Muhammad Jalloh


Some wandering and wondering soul asked, "Who is Muhammad Jalloh?"

I thought for a moment, looked up to the heavens above for inspiration and the earth below out of seeming desperation. And then, I remembered. So, I started...

I am ...

Assalaamu Alaikum / Salut/ Jam Waali/ Ni Hao/ Hello! :)

My name is Muhammad Jalloh. I write about poetry (because it's succinct and expressive), Tech Culture (because I am engulfed in it), Faith and Spirituality (because it's the core of my identity as a Muslim), and the Pursuit of Life (because, like you, I am on a journey of a lifetime, quite literally.)

I am in love with poetry, consumed in the art of reading and prone to reflective writing.

I am passionate about meeting people from diverse backgrounds, unearthing their rich histories, understanding the social values that make or break them; learning to speak foreign languages and joining the migrating birds every season as they fly around the world in search of new lands to see and graze upon.

At heart, I am a bird, free and roaming. At hand, I am a wordsmith ever crafting and fine-tuning my wordesque art. And in the matters of the world, I am out to make a decent and lawful living to silence my bowels and sustain the birds that call my nest home. :)

In tech, I find a fantastical amusement and the ultimate profession. Here, finally, I can think and tinker, be human and a humanly-maker and see the fruits of my labor, well, you know, bear fruits right before my eyes.

In poetry, I find words to express my thoughts and feelings, dreams and yearnings and my inner self's eternal musings. In these humble verses of mine, I express my interactions with the ideals of today and the histories of yore.

In meeting people-from all backgrounds and of all nations and tribes-I find myself again, deficient and whole. In knowing them, I have come to appreciate myself and my central place in the brotherhood of nations. And in their warm embrace, I have found my heart again, breathing and beating with the living cultural blood of a thousand nations.

Into Islam I was born. And through it, I found my life's bearing point: God at the center of it all. In its values, I have found humanity. And, through it, in humanity, I have found its wisdom. Through its ideas and ideals, values and valor, I find a torch of guiding light shining with the collective radiance of a thousand galaxies.

In these humble pages, I share my pursuit of life and lessons learned. In my poetic cave, I cave into the music of my inner self.

I want to get to know you, just as you have taken the time to want to get to know me. (Hey, you already know me a bit in those paragraphs now, don't you?) So, I hope we meet someday, somewhere, when the moment is right.

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